Blog Relaunched! … On Monday.

Hey guys!

We wish we could pretend this is an April Fools (We all just love jokes around here), but it’s not.

Due to some technical difficulties (perhaps the Internet is playing an April Fools on us), we will not be able to relaunch today as planned.

But will try for Monday! 

Please stay tuned.


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Tick Tock Literacy Tip of the Week!

Countdown to Un-Shushed Relaunch: 3 Days!

  • Read or recite some nursery rhymes this week. They are silly, full of wonderful language, and allow children to hear the smaller parts of words.

As adults, nursery rhymes may not seem to make sense (and they usually don’t.) But we’ll bet you still remember all the words to Old Mother Hubbard. And maybe you remember a cow jumping over the moon and a dish running away with a spoon? It made you laugh then (and we’ll be honest, it makes us laugh now), and it taught you the difference between a dish and a spoon. Maybe it was even your first encounter with the word “fiddle.”


Nursery rhymes are an integral part of your child’s vocabulary and pronunciation development —and they’re tons of fun! So start remembering your old favorites and pass them down.

And don’t miss out on this week’s story time! We’re covering Feelings and all the crazy things that come with them.



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Survive Middle School — Hammy the Hamster-Style

 Countdown to Un-Shushed Relaunch: 5 Days

How to Survive Middle School

 by Donna Gephart

 Ages: 11 and up


David Greenberg is starting middle school in the fall. He is terrified— and it doesn’t help when his cousin Jack spews a list of dos and don’ts and inevitable mistreatment of students there.  Really, middle school would have been bearable with his best friend Elliot, who used to help David with their Talk Time YouTube videos starring David and Hammy, the hamster. But now Elliot is only interested in girls and hanging out with Tommy Murphy, the local bully. And his father, sister, and grandmother are all nice … but they’re no substitute for his mother who left two years ago to find herself.  So David must go it alone. 

Luckily, David befriends a girl named Sophie who used to be homeschooled.  Sophie thinks David’s videos are hysterical!  She shares them with her homeschooling friends and they tell their friends and before you know it David is popular, really popular — but only online. What about his not-so-great real life in the halls of his middle school? Will David just merely survive? Or will he not only survive but surpass all expectations and thrive?

I loved this book because it has short chapters, realistic characters and a great cover! Any story with Hammy the Hamster is a good story in my book.

Recommended by Miss Cindy!

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Who Is John Galt?

Countdown to Un-Shushed Relaunch: 7 Days

If you already know the answer, you’ll probably be excited to find out that, after 54 years, Atlas Shrugged is finally scheduled to hit the big screen! You’ve probably just started wondering how they plan to cram an epic novel like this into a movie. The answer? The same way they always do—it’s going to be a trilogy! Part I is scheduled to come out April 15th. You can find out more about the movie here.

If you didn’t know the answer—or if you’d just like to refresh your memory before the movie comes out—you can pick up a copy of Ayn Rand’s 1957 novel here at the library. You can find it in the Adult Fiction collection on the fourth floor, or you can have us help you—just come to the Ask Us desk!

Atlas Shrugged

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Tick Tock Literacy Tip of the Week!

Countdown to Unshushed Relaunch: 10 Days

  • When introducing a new word, make it a game by providing three definitions and allowing your child to guess which one is right. Follow up by using the word in a sentence or reading the word in a story.

What could the word frustrating mean? Or ecstatic? Or grumpy? Doesn’t grumpy sound just a little like grumbling? Sometimes lots of words sound like their meaning! Allowing your child to guess what a new word could possibly mean using phonological clues will help them rememeber that word for … well, for more than five minutes. But every bit counts.

And don’t forget to practice using our Story Time Quick Picks handout! This week, we’ll be taking baths… finally.



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Time To Get Your Garden On.


My mom has the most spectacular garden during the spring and summer months. She spends hours picking the exact plants for each perfect spot and then proceeds to spend yet more hours tending, watering, and trimming.

Sadly, this gene did not pass along to me.

I had a cactus once. I prefer not to talk about it.

Thankfully for the botanical world at large, there are a lot of people who have a great and beautiful passion for all things green and gardening. Their passions probably sprang from different moments in life, growing into a casual hobby or blossoming into a greater endeavor. (Like the super plant-smart and friendly people over at Shades of Green. Wow!)

Turns out, there are people who love it so much, they become Master Gardeners through a program with Texas AgriLife Extension Service, which is part of Texas A&M. (Whoop, whoop!) These are the Tamers of Trees, Sires of Shrubbery, Jedi of Juniper, and Bosses of Bougainvillea.

If you’ve ever had a niggling to become a Big Kahuna Master Gardener, you can! Or if you’re just the casual put-putter in your yard and every summer think, gee, something yellow would look great in that corner with that tree-bush thing we’ve got, they have recommendations and tips for that as well. With great plant wisdom comes great plant responsibility, and all the Master Gardeners spend time pouring back into the community by assisting with community gardens, giving advice, and offering presentations.

If you’re just dipping your fingernails in the dirt for the first time, two of these Master Gardeners will be dropping by the library on Tuesday, March 22nd from 7:00-8:30pm. Michael Jones and Dorothy Ingram will be happy to give advice and make plant recommendations for Frisco and Collin County dwellers specifically. (Dirt changes depending on where you live. Who knew?)

If you can’t make it, green thumbs, fear not. The library’s got a huge assortment of gardening books.

If you do come, fantastic! We’ll learn and get dirty together. Just please don’t tell the Master Gardeners about my cactus.

Gabi Estes

Library Assistant – Adult Services

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The Mighty Blockheads Make Their Return.


Behold! The Blockheads.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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